Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beckett Grading Submission

     I just received an offer from BGS. If I submit at least 25 cards to them for their 20-day grading service, they will only charge me $9 per card. Normally, it costs $12 for this service. Certified autographed cards cost $1 extra.
     Currently, I only have about 10 cards to grade, so I can't take advantage of this offer. That's where you come in. If you have some cards you would like to get graded by the top grading company, let me know. Perhaps we could send in cards together.
     Here is how I envision this working. You send your cards to me, and I would submit the entire order to BGS. If you're worried about me stealing your cards, I can provide you with a list of collectors who would vouch for me. BGS would grade the cards within 20 business days and ship them back to me. I would then ship them to you.
     There is a bit of fine print. We would have to split the shipping and insurance charges. I would calculate this on a per-card basis. Also, I ask that you pay for return shipping; however, if you join my box breaks, I can send them with your order for little or no extra money.
     Once I committ to Beckett, I only have 30 days to submit the order, so it is rather time sensitive. If this sounds good to you, please contact me on Twitter at @batcavelv or email me at batcavelv@comcast.net

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