Friday, October 14, 2016

2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball Box Break + 2008 Tristar High # Series & 1991 Topps 6 Autos in All!!!

This break is scheduled for 10/15/16. I usually break around 10pm MST. It will be broadcasted live on Ustream (Tracy's Box Breaks). Videos of the breaks are available for 30 days on the Ustream channel for people that are unable to watch them live.

Here are a few of my "rules"
1. Cards featuring now defunct teams will go to the new franchise. For example, Montreal would count as Washington.
2. Multiplayer cards will go to the team of the player featured on the top/right side of the card.
3. Cards without MLB teams (such as USA, minor leagues, etc.) may be distributed as I see fit.
4. Commons from any "junk wax" product are only sent at the buyer's request.
5. Any commons can be donated to my students. They would surely appreciate them.

I will be opening the following products:

2016 Bowman Chrome hobby (2 autos)
2008 Tristar Projections High # (4 autos)
1991 Topps (commons sent upon request only)

Here is the pricing structure for the break:

One team $7.50
Two teams $14
Three teams $19.50
Additional teams are $5.00 each

Available Teams
1. Arizona
5. Cleveland
6. Chicago (AL)
8. Cincinnati
10. Detroit
11. Houston
15. Miami
16. Milwaukee
21. Philadelphia
22. Pittsburgh
28. Texas

Number of Teams
Team(s) Requested
Unavailable Teams
1. Colorado [Tracy]
2. San Diego [Tracy]
3. Boston [Agustin*]
4. Seattle  [Agustin*]
5. Los Angeles (NL)  [Agustin*]
6. San Francisco [Erik*]
7. Chicago (NL) [Erik*]
8. New York (NL) [Erik*]
9. Tampa Bay [Mike]
10. Washington [Mike]
11.  Kansas City [Mike]
12. Atlanta [Mike]
13. Baltimore [Mike]
14.  New York (AL) [Anthony*]
15. Minnesota [Stephan]
16. Oakland [Jeff*]
17. Toronto [Jeff*]
18.  Los Angeles (AL) [Jeff*]
19. St. Louis [Kerry*]

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