Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Topps Baseball Mixer Break 2017 Factory Set 2016 Archives Snapshots 2014 Mini (Win Jeter Relic /50)

This break will be scheduled once it is 50% full. I usually break around 10:00 PM MST. It will be broadcast live on Ustream (Tracy's Box Breaks). Videos of the breaks are available for 30 days on the Ustream channel for people that are unable to watch them live.

Here are a few of my "rules"
1. Cards featuring now defunct teams will go to the new franchise. For example, Montreal would count as Washington.
2. Multiplayer cards will go to the team of the player featured on the top/right side of the card.
3. Cards without MLB teams (such as USA, minor leagues, etc.) may be distributed as I see fit.
4. Commons from any "junk wax" product are only sent at the buyer's request.
5. Any commons can be donated to my students. They would surely appreciate them.

I will be opening the following products:

2017 Topps Factory Set (Target exclusive) [You will receive the cards from your team numbered 1-700. See below for more information.]
2016 Topps Archives Snapshots (online exclusive) [You will receive all cards from your team.]
2014 Topps Mini (online exclusive) [You will receive all cards from your team.]

The Jeter numbered relic is NOT included in the Yankees spot. Rather, it will be randomized off to one lucky spot IF I sell 25 spots or more in the break. Keep in mind that if I sell every spot in the break, then I only break even. I cannot afford to give away a $20+ card without selling most spots in the break.

If 25 or more spots are sold, then I will randomize the teams one time via The team on top of the randomized list receives the Jeter for FREE!

Here is the pricing structure for the break (unless otherwise stated below):

One team $7.50
Two teams $14
Three teams $19.50
Additional teams are $5.00 each

Available Teams
1. Oakland
3. San Diego
4. Tampa Bay
5a. Chicago (AL) $8.50 w/ Moncada rookie variation
5b. Chicago (AL) $7.50 w/o Moncada rookie variation

Unavailable Teams (* = paid)
1. Colorado [Tracy]*
2. Atlanta $8.50 w/ Swanson rookie variation [Mike D]
3. Washington [Mike D]
4. Baltimore [Mike D]
5. Kansas City [Mike D]
6. Houston $8.50 w/ Bregman rookie variation [Charles]*
7. Minnesota [Stephan]
8.  San Francisco [Erik]*
9. Los Angeles (NL) [Erik]*
10. New York (AL) $15 w/ Judge rookie variation [Erik]*
11. St. Louis [Kerry]*
12. Seattle [Augustine]*
13. Chicago (NL) [Augustine]*
14.  Los Angeles (AL) [Steve]*
15. Boston $7.50 w/o Benintendi rookie variation [Steve]*
16. New York (NL) [Steve]*
17. Cincinnati [Jeff G]*
18. Arizona [Augustine]*
19. Toronto [Augustine]*
20. Pittsburgh [@pnoydude82]* $10
21. Cleveland [Chuck]*
22. Texas [Steve]*
23. Miami [Steve]*
24. Philadelphia [Steve]*
25. Milwaukee [Kerry]*
26. Detroit [Kerry]*


  1. Even though I have the team set for both 2017 Topps and 2014 Topps Mini, I’m up for a gamble. Put me down for St. Louis.

  2. I am good for 3 teams: my choices in order...

    Red Sox

  3. If you can wait until Friday for payment, I'll do the more expensive option on the White Sox.

  4. I'm on disability and have one payday a month...if the Tigers are available for Jan 17 payment Ill gladly enter.
    Thanks and good luck to all.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I will take Cleveland, Miami and Philly