Sunday, November 16, 2014

All Upper Deck Baseball Break Win a 1989 UD Griffey RC! 2006FutureStars, 2008 Series 1, 2009 First Edition, 2004 Update

Number of Teams
Team(s) Requested

This break will be scheduled once it is 50% full. I usually break around 8pm MST. It will be broadcast live on Ustream (batcavelv).

Cards featuring now defunct teams will go to the new franchise. For example, Montreal would count as Washington. Multiplayer cards will go to the team of the player featured on the top/right side of the card.

I will be opening the following products:

1. 1989 UD HC Set (Griffey RC, Sheffield RC, Smoltz RC, Johnson RC, and Biggio RC)
2. 2006 UD Future Stars Hobby (5 autos)
3. 2008 UD Series 1 Retail (1 hit)
4. 2009 UD First Edition Factory Set (1 GU jersey card)
5. 2004 UD Update Factory Set

Plus, each participant will receive a FREE 2002 UD Collectors Club base set! Includes Jeter, Bonds, A-Rod, Griffey, Pujols, Ichiro, and more!

Each spot purchased earns you a chance to win the Seattle Mariners spot in the break. This includes the $40 Griffey RC! At the beginning of the break, I will randomize a list of all 30 teams on The team on top of the list will win the Mariners spot! If the team that wins went unpurchased, the Mariners spot will be saved for a future break.

Here is the pricing structure for the break:

One team $7
Two teams $13
Three teams $18
Additional teams are $4.50 each

Available Teams
1. Arizona
6. Chicago (AL)
9. Colorado
28. Texas

Unavailable Teams
1. Seattle (not for sale-contest only)
2.  Los Angeles (NL)-Erik*
3. San Francisco-Erik*
4. New York (NL)-Harrison
5. Detroit-Mike L*
6. Toronto-Mike L*
7. St. Louis-Mike L*
8. Pittsburgh-Jonathan*
9. Cincinnati-Jeff*
10. New York (AL)-Anthony*
11. Atlanta-Mike
12. Baltimore-Mike
13. Tampa Bay-Mike
14. Washington-Mike
15. Kansas City-Mike
16. Minnesota-Mark
17. Houston-Charles*
18. Oakland-Caitlin
19. Miami-Caitlin
20. Boston-Caitlin
21. Los Angeles (AL)-Caitlin
22. Chicago (NL)-Anthony*
23. Milwaukee-Anthony*
24. Philadelphia-Caitlin
25. Cleveland-Caitlin
26. San Diego-Jeff*

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