Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Topps Fire Charity Case Break for St.JudeChildren'sResearchHospital

Remember back in September when I won that case of Topps Fire? Well, it's coming out next month so here are the details for my charity case break. The product has been pushed back to 2/4. I am tentatively scheduling the break for 2/8.

Teams will start with a $25 minimum bid. You may outbid the high bidder with bids in increments of $1. For example, if the Cowboys have a $25 bid, you could bid $26 to become the high bidder.

NOTE: This price does NOT include shipping. I will charge exact shipping rates, which comes out to $4-6 for US customers (depending on how many cards you get). International rates may vary. You may want to skip the commons to reduce your shipping rate.

As we get closer to the break, I may put unclaimed teams on eBay.

You will receive all of the cards from your team, unless you would rather try to reduce your shipping rate. It's your call.

Multiple player cards will be handled as followed:

1. For vertical cards, the card goes to the designated team on top.
2. For horizontal cards, the card goes to the designated team on the right.
3. Any other situations would be handled in a random with all teams involved.

I will donate half of the proceeds of the break (not including shipping) to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. That could amount to about $500 if things go well!

You can bid in the following ways:

1. Comment on this post.
2. Tweet me @batcavelv
3. Email me at

I will try to update bids as soon as possible. I will stop taking bids around 2/4. This gives you a few days to pay before the break. If payment is not received by the break, I reserve the right to hold the break or sell the team to another person.

If I am unable to sell all 32 teams at full price, I reserve the right to cancel the break. In this instance, the case would be sold and 50% of the sale would go to St. Jude.

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Since I am donating half of the money (before shipping) to charity, I am asking that you pay via Paypal using the "family and friends" option. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, I ask that you pay a bit extra to cover the Paypal fees.

Keep in mind that shipping is an additional fee to your bid. I charge $6 for Priority Flat-Rate Padded Envelope. If your package weighs 13 ounces or less, I can send it First Class Mail if you prefer. This would save you a few dollars. I will refund the difference in this instance. My Paypal ID is

Below are the available teams, followed by the current bid and high bidder. Good luck!

1. Arizona $25 Anthony paid (- shipping)
2. Atlanta $25 Ron paid shipped 2/23 (partial refund 3/2)
3. Baltimore 3/$50 Bryan paid
4. Buffalo $25 Erik ($30) paid shipped 2/23
5. Carolina $25 Yankee in NC paid shipped 2/24
6. Chicago $25 Byron Pratt paid shipped 2/24
7. Cincinnati $25 Ripkenfan paid 
8. Cleveland $31 Donald ($35) paid shipped 2/26 (partial refund 3/2)
9. Dallas $26 Anthony ($41) paid (- shipping)
10. Denver $31 Roland ($32) paid shipped 2/19
11. Detroit $25 Josh N. paid shipped 2/24 (partial refund 3/2)
12. Green Bay $33 Bryan ($40) paid
13. Houston $26 @FieldLevelView paid shipped 2/26 (partial refund 3/2)
14. Indianapolis $31 Bob W paid shipped 2/26 (gets p.r.)
15. Jacksonville $26 Aussie Sports Fan ($38) paid shipped 2/28
16. Kansas City 3/$50 Bryan paid
17. Miami $25 @TrueNE_79 paid shipped 2/26
18. Minnesota $40 Nate paid shipped 2/18
19. New England $26 @TrueNE_79 ($40) paid shipped 2/26
20. New Orleans $25 D_Pala paid shipped 2/28
21. New York Giants $38 Roland ($50) paid shipped 2/19
22. New York Jets $25 Anthony paid (- shipping)
23. Oakland $26 Mike M paid (does not want base or inserts)
24. Philadelphia $26 Jeffrey G paid shipped 2/24
25. Pittsburgh $25 Shani paid
26. St. Louis $25 Seth paid shipped 2/24 (gets partial refund)
27. San Diego 3/$50 Bryan paid
28. San Francisco $25 Anothony ($36) paid (- shipping)
29. Seattle $25 Mike D paid
30. Tampa Bay $36 Shani paid
31.Tennessee $25 D_Pala paid shipped 2/28
$25 Mike D paid


  1. What the hey, I'll start ya off with $25 on Falcons!

  2. $35 for the Texans


  3. Replies
    1. You get a bonus hit, but the previous bidder went as high as $28.

    2. I must have missed this last night. I promised the previous high bidder that I would let then know if they were outbid. What is your absolute high bid on them?

    3. Someone else went $36. You still have the Lions though, plus a bonus hit.

    4. Are you on Twitter? It's your turn to choose the bonus hit.

  4. Saw updated blog and money sent as requested.

    1. It is your turn it choose the bonus hit.

    2. The Vikings and Chargers autos are still avaiable. So is the Patriots relic. Most of the others are available as well.

    3. Sorry been off here for a bit, don't know what is still available, is there a pic somewhere?

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