Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Baseball Box Break Mixer w/ 2018 Optic Mega Box + 2017 Topps A&G Wal-Mart Bundle + 2006 Tristar P.P. + Vintage Cello Packs

This break will be scheduled once it is 50-75% full. I usually break around 10:00 P.M. MST. It will be broadcast live on

Here are a few of my "rules"
1. Cards featuring now defunct teams will go to the new franchise. For example, Montreal would count as Washington.
2. Multiplayer cards will go to the team of the player featured on the top/right side of the card.
3. Cards without MLB teams (such as USA, minor leagues, etc.) may be distributed as I see fit.
4. Commons from any "junk wax" product are only sent at the buyer's request.
5. Any commons can be donated to my students. They would surely appreciate them.

I will be opening the following products:

1. 2018 Donruss Optic Mega Box (Target exclusive) [20 exclusive Shock parallels + 10 exclusive Bronze parallels]
2. 2006 Tristar Prospects Plus retail box [1 auto]
3. 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Wal-Mart Bundle [1 blaster, 1 fat pack, and 5 exclusive WM cards]
4. 1988 Topps/Donruss Cello box [Each spot purchased entitles you to one sealed pack. Since many of the packs contain stars on top, you will receive the sealed pack(s) of your choice. These will be available on a first come, first served basis. See list below for which packs are still available.]

I will be giving away the five exclusive Wal-Mart cards (Kershaw, Bryant, Posey, Miggy, and Correa) from the Ginter box as well as a Max Scherzer RC (with dinged corner) and an Ohtani redemption rookie card. I will randomize the the teams list one time. The top 7 spots will draft the card of their choice!

Cello Packs Claimed
1. Gwynn (COL)
2. Gant 88D (ATL)
3. Gant 89T (BAL)
4. Ventura 89T (KC)
5. Murray 88D (WAS)
6. Ozzie Smith (STL)
7. Mattingly 88D (SEA)
8. Ripken 89T (PHI)
9. Yount 89T (OAK)
10. Meads 88D (HOU)
11. (SF)
12. (LAD)
13. Ryno 89T (CHI)
14. Schmidt 89T (BOS)
15. Puckett 88D (MIL)
16. Petry 88D (CIN)
17. Puckett 89T (MIN)

Here is the pricing structure for the break:

One team $7.50
Two teams $14
Three teams $19.50
Additional teams are $5.00 each

You may use this link to send payment: paypal.me/TracysBoxBreaks
Available Teams
1. Arizona
5. Cleveland
6. Chicago (AL)
10. Detroit
15. Miami
19. New York (NL)
22. Pittsburgh
23. San Diego
27. Tampa Bay
28. Texas
29. Toronto

Unavailable Teams
0. New York (AL) [This spot will be given away for FREE if 20 spots sell!]
1. Colorado
2. Los Angeles (AL)
3. Atlanta-Mike D
4. Baltimore-Mike D
5. Washington-Mike D
6. Kansas City-Mike D
7. St. Louis-Kerry*
8. Seattle-Augustine
9. Philadelphia-Augustine
10. Oakland-Augustine
11. San Francisco-Erik*
12.  Los Angeles (NL)-Erik*
13. Houston-Charles*
14. Minnesota-Stephan
15. Boston-Matthew*
16. Chicago (NL)-Matthew*
17. Milwaukee-Matthew*
18. Cincinnati-Matthew*
* = paid

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  1. I'm up for St. Louis and the Ozzie Smith Donruss pack!